Hey There!

I am Jenni

My love of photography began when my oldest son, Jack, was little and I wanted to remember every little move he made. Now, when I'm not taking pictures of my kiddos, I love taking photos of our camping trips, nature, and anything rusty I can find. 

Some things about me:

I am a substitute preschool teacher for a school in Santa Cruz, and do photography full time. I think the two are kind of inter-twined. I am happily married to my husband Ryan, and we just celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary. I also have two little boys, and typically our house is a mix of chaos, happy squeals that can occasionally turn into crying, and lots of love. We just got a beagle mix named Maisy, who has lots of wild puppy energy, and we have a tripod tabby cat named Blue.

We are enjoying summer break so far, except for the gloomy weather. The boys and I made a plan to go to the beach at least once a month this summer, and there was even discussion of trying to go once a week, but this weather has been too cold. I'm hoping the later summer months will bring some warmer weather with them.

I love candles, and I just re-potted one of my indoor house plants. It's getting really big, so I'm stoked on that! I am currently watching the Smartless podcast documentary on HBO, I love that podcast, and the documentary is great too. And I am half-way through the book "For The Throne" by Hannah Whitten. I love her writing, and the way she weaves fairy tale and fantasy together. I am really into sci-fi shows right now, but I'm not really watching one in particular at the moment.

Anyway, I guess that's all for now! Feel free to pop into my inbox to say hi, I'd love some recommendations for a new sci-fi show to watch. Can't wait to talk to you soon!