I'm not usually one to make New Year's resolutions, but I do like the idea of making some goals. And one of the goals I have for this year is to start blogging about my experience as a photographer. Autumn and early winter are my very busiest season, so I am looking forward to things slowing down for a few months to work on the back end of my business.


Right now I am rewatching "Only Murders In The Building" along with lots of cooking shows. I feel like I always come back to baking and cooking shows, they are easy to watch and the kids and I can most always agree on a cooking show as a compromise of what to watch.

The Family:

The boys are back in school after winter break, and Ryan is back at work. The house is so quiet, but I do enjoy my work time in the mornings.

The Pets:

Maisy (our beagle mix puppy) and Blue (our tripod tabby cat) are still slowly becoming friends. Maisy so badly wants Blue to play with her, but he is not interested. Then when she is settled, chewing a bone or something, he will saunter by and sniff around. He holds his ground, and they are pretty funny together.

Well that's all for now!

biking near the river at sunset