This blog post will be short and sweet, as both the title and photo give away what took place. I know how important bees are for the environment, but you guys! This beautiful, stunning, gorgeous bride got stung during the vows at her ceremony!

They took a short pause so that someone from the front row could help to look for a stinger before her groom continued on with his heartfelt words.

And the thing is, yes it was like crazy rare that this could happen, but it was a moment that brought us all together. The bride, groom, officiant, parents, grandparents, extended family and friends all shared in this one moment of "What?!"

And when they think of their wedding day years from now, I think this couple will smile and maybe even laugh at what took place. They say it's good luck when it rains on your wedding day, and how much more lucky it must be to have a bee sting you!

wedding memory